How would you like to help 8 days of Anarchy?

8 Days Of Anarchy

8 Days Of Anarchy

Have you ever attended 8 days of Anarchy? If you have ever attended, or have been interested in attending, 8 days of Anarchy then you are qualified to help (dis)organize this years events. This is a series of events held in the SF Bay Area during the 8 days during which the Anarchist Book Fair and BASTARD conference are held. They are autonomously organized and held together by being listed on the site (and being attended by many of the same people).

Why do we do this?

The time that anarchists spend with each other can be engaged and creative. Too often when there is a big event in town, people gravitate towards drinking and shit talking. While this can be fun in the short term, it frequently means our relationships don’t grow or mature. Having a variety of ways that we spend time together is both more inclusive in general and more engaging in particular. Since there were not a lot of different things planned for this time, we decided to correct that. Our friends have made that possible.

Last year the events looked like

Day One: Discussion
Day Two: Movie
Day Three: Simulation
Day Four: Derive
Day Five: Bookfair
Day Seven: Dance Party!
Day Eight: Discussion

This year days one, six, and eight are already taken but we would like help coordinating the rest of the days.

What will that entail?

Pick a day. Contact with the event, location, writeup, and day you would like to organize and DO IT! Want there to be a dance party? Find a space and tell us and that will be announced! Want to show a move? Have a cuddle puddle? Acrobatics? A riot? You give us the time and description and we will add it to the 8 days of anarchy website for 2009.

Reserve your date today!

8 days of Anarchy (dot org)

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