Books And Pamphlets

Albert Parsons – Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Scientific Basis

Albert Meltzer – Collected Works

Aleksei Borovoi – Anarchism and Law

Alexander Berkman – Collected Works

Ba Jin – Collected Works

Bartolomeo Vanzetti – The Story of a Proletarian Life

Benjamin Tucker – Collected Works

Bertrand Russell – Collected Works

Bob Black – The Abolition of Work

Clarence Darrow – Collected Works

Colin Ward – Anarchism as a Theory of Organization

Commonweal Anarchist Group – Why We Are Anarchists

Daniel Guérin – Anarchism: From Theory to Practice

David Graeber – Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Elisee Reclus – Collected Works

Emma Goldman – Collected Works

Errico Malatesta – Collected Works

Federica Montseny – Militant Anarchism and the Reality in Spain

Gaston Leval – Anarchists Behind Bars

Geoffrey Ostergaard – Resisting the Nation State: The Pacifist and Anarchist Tradition

George Woodcock – The Tyranny of the Clock

Guy Alfred Aldred – Collected Works

Hakim Bey – The Temporary Autonomous Zone (T.A.Z.)

Herbert Read – Collected Works

Hippolyte Havel – Bakunin

Howard Zinn – A People’s History Of The United States

Hubert Bourgin – Proudhon

Hutchins Hapgood – An Anarchist Woman

Jacques Camatte – On Organization

Johann Most – Collected Works

John Badcock – Slaves to Duty

Leo Tolstoy – Collected Works

Louisa Sarah Bevington – Anarchism and Violence

Lucy Parsons – Collected Works

Lynne Farrow – Feminism as Anarchism

Lysander Spooner – Collected Works

Max Lettau – Collected Works

Max Stirner – Collected Works

Mikhail Bakunin – Collected Works

Murray Bookchin – Collected Works

Nestor Makhno – Collected Works

Noam Chomsky – Collected Works

Paul Goodman – The Black Flag of Anarchism

Peter Arshinov – The Two Octobers

Peter Kropotkin – Collected Works

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon – Collected Works

Randolph Bourne – Collected Works

Robert Graham – Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas

Rose Persotta – Bread Upon the Waters

Rudolf Rocker – Collected Works

Sam Dolgoff – The Relavance of Anarchy to Modern Society

Smedley Butler ‘Major General’ – War Is A Racket

Stephen Pearl Andrews – The Labor Dollar

Tom Swan – Kropotkin: The Man and His Message

Uri Gordon – Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems

Voltairine de Cleyre – Collected Works

W. T. Bethune – The Coming Revolution

William Godwin – Collected Works

William Farrer – Anarchism: Is it Possible?

William Thurston Brown – Citizenship and Education

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